Chapter 5 – It’s Actually My Own Issue

After determining the cause for the high number of usage, Chu Tian opened his e-wallet.

Seeing a balance of over 4.1million RMB, Chu Tian bit his lips in excitement.

4.1million RMB!

[1. Roughly 588k USD]

This was a number Chu Tian would never even dare to imagine in the past.

With this amount of money, Chu Tian would be able to purchase a decent apartment in Haicheng.

That being said, while Chu Tian was extremely excited, he did not forget that he had something even more important that he must do today.

Yang Rong!

No matter what, he must make sure to indirectly ask his deskmate about things. As matters stood, Chu Tian was practically certain his deskmate was not as simple as she appeared.

After checking out the usage of his program, Chu Tian turned off his computer and left his rental apartment.



In a breakfast shop not far from the school. Chu Tian pondered about how to indirectly question Yang Rong as he ate his breakfast.

At this moment, two women in their early thirties walked into the restaurant.

One of the women possessed dyed beach waves hair whereas the other woman had a black ponytail. Both of them were dressed sexily.

After they entered the restaurant, they sat themselves at the table beside Chu Tian.

The beach waves hair woman swayed her hair back with her hand before saying, “Sigh. Say, I really don’t understand. Lu Jing’s husband is simply excellent. He’s not only handsome, he’s also very capable of making money. Why then is Lu Jie this unsettled and fooling around with that Sun fellow? That Sun fellow is only mediocre looking and not rich either. Exactly what about him is she into? If her husband is to find out about him being cucked by her the entire time, he would most definitely file for a divorce. At that time, she wouldn’t have a place to cry to even if she wanted to cry.”


While Chu Tian was not a gossipy person, he was never one to refuse gossips that were brought to him.

Hearing those words from the beach waves hair woman, Chu Tian was immediately interested.

“I agree with you completely,” said the ponytailed woman. “Countless people envy her having such an excellent husband. Instead of properly guarding her own husband, she decided to cuck him. Once she’s discovered, she will definitely regret it.”

“Sigh. I truly can’t understand.” The beach waves hair woman shook her head, “Say, do you think there’s something wrong with her head? Why would she have an extramarital affair with how excellent her husband is? Exactly what is she after?”

The ponytailed woman burst into a sudden laughter.

Seeing that reaction, the beach waves hair woman asked in puzzlement, “What’s wrong? Why are you laughing?”

The ponytailed woman smiled and bit her lips, “You really don’t know the reason why?”

The beach waves hair woman revealed a frown, “I don’t. Why? You know the reason?”

The ponytailed woman smiled and nodded her head.

Seeing this, the beach waves woman was immediately interested. She hurriedly moved her head toward her friend, “Tell me, tell me. Why?”

“Regarding this…” The ponytailed woman hesitated for a moment, “I can tell you. But, you must not tell anyone else.”

“Rest assured,” said the beach waves woman.” You should know how tightly guarded my mouth is. Come on, tell me the reason.”

The ponytailed woman thought about it for a moment before moving over to the beach waves woman’s ear and whispering a sentence to her.

Hearing those words, the beach waves woman’s mouth opened in shock.

She looked to the ponytailed woman in disbelief, “That Sun fellow… For real? You must be kidding.”

“For real,” the ponytailed woman laughed and nodded her head, “That’s something Liu Jing told her herself a while ago.”

“Shoot!” The beach waves woman burst into a sudden laughter. Then, she and the ponyhaired woman began to quietly laugh and crack jokes.

As Chu Tian was seated right next to them, literally a meter away he heard their entire conversation in full clarity.


Some women nowadays were simply too lascivious!

Men wouldn’t do without money. Even if they had money, it wouldn’t do if they didn’t have the time.

And now, someone with money, time and even the handsome looks wouldn’t do either.

They needed…

It’s truly too difficult to be a man!

After sighing and shaking his head, right when Chu Tian was about to continue to eat his breakfast, he suddenly discovered something. A frown appeared on his face as he hurriedly looked down toward his crotch.



What the hell?

Why… does it seem like it’s undergoing a transformation?

Chu Tian seemed to have realized something in a split second. He immediately turned his head around and looked to the two women at the table next to his.

Without saying anything, Chu Tian got up from his table and rushed into the breakfast shop’s restroom.

Five minutes later!

After coming out from the restroom stall, Chu Tian stared at the mirror with a shocked expression. He was at a complete loss for words.

It was only now that Chu Tian discovered the issue lies not with Yang Rong. Instead, it was him!

Yang Rong didn’t possess any word-realization special ability. Instead, he was the one with a special ability.

Chu Tian didn’t know how to describe his ability. But, it seemed that his body will automatically transform after he heard certain things.

Take earlier for example. After he heard the conversation between the two women, a certain region of his body had turned a new leaf.

Chu Tian stared at himself in the mirror for four, five seconds before leaving the restroom and exiting the restaurant. But, before leaving the restaurant, Chu Tian stealthily stole a chopstick.

4 thoughts on “I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 5

  1. Oof that moment you realize you need larger boxers, good luck he has extra money to spare 😀
    So now he knows he is the one with powers! It’d be cool if he learns how to trigger his power! I’m looking forward for more “gifts” he’s gonna get 🙂

    What are you going to do with that stick huh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Well I did read the next chapter but hey am I not allowed to participate? xD)

    Thank you for the chapter! I read this chapter mtl but I did not really understand what were the two women were conversing so this funny chapter slipped through my reading, good job!

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  2. Wow, I was really disappointed they didn’t say what Sun had, then I was like, “Affair? Something else? Okay not money, good looks…. Oh.”


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