Chapter 29 – Masculinity Off The Chart

When Chu Tian returned from washing his face, Li Sisi who had sat up earlier was lying on the bed again.

Seeing Li Sisi’s enchanting curves, Chu Tian laughed, “Big sis Sisi, it seems that you don’t trust me. You’re wearing safety shorts.”

[1. Safety shorts prevent panties and coochies from showing. Imagine japanese schoolgirl bloomer but thinner, longer and more form-fitting.]


Still on the bed, Li Sisi started laughing, “Sigh, I really don’t want to get up. The smell of a young man is truly pleasant. Sleeping here felt great.”

As she said those words, Li Sisi got up from the bed. When she got out the bed, she first pulled down her form-fitting skirt before saying, “My interior designer friend is here. I’ll have to go meet him. Young master, what’s your plan for later?”

“I don’t really have a plan,” said Chu Tian, “Today’s Sunday. I plan to stroll around the school and play some basketball.”

Chu Feng had yet to test out his basketball ability he received from Bai Xiaochun last night.

“Mn, basketball is good,” Li Sisi sat back on the bed. She gathered her hair and pulled them behind her back, “Women, no matter how old, are all fond of energetic men that’s into sports.”

“Oh, that’s right. Young master, didn’t we purchase two sets of clothes yesterday? You should change into your short sleeve t-shirt. I think that short sleeve t-shirt fit you better.”

Change into that short sleeve t-shirt?

Chu Tian pondered for a bit before saying, “But, this is a set.”

“Aiyah. Clothes should be matched tastefully. One doesn’t have to necessarily wear the same set of clothes. Give it a try, change into that short sleeve t-shirt. I think that short sleeve t-shirt is more suitable than your current t-shirt.”

Seeing how earnest Li Sisi appeared, Chu Tian nodded, “Okay then, I’ll change into it.”

As it was only changing one’s t-shirt, Chu Tian directly removed the t-shirt he was currently wearing.

But, before he took out the other t-shirt to change into, Li Sisi told him to stop.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute!” Li Sisi quickly walked over to Chu Tian. Her mouth was slightly open. She had the expression of someone discovering a new continent. Delightfully surprised, she said, “My god! That build of yours is simply too explosive! Those abs, those muscles… damn! So hot!”


Chu Tian laughed, “What’s this? This is enough to tease my experienced big sis Sisi?”

“I’m already to be teased to death by you here, okay?” Li Sisi continued to stare at Chu Tian’s muscles. She even poked his muscles with her finger, “Did you really think that only you men are into good figures? We women are also into good figures. But, what we women are into is that sort of robust and powerful masculine beauty. Your figure here is simply so masculine it’s off the charts!”

So masculine that it’s off the charts?

“Big sis Sisi, you’re exaggerating things,” Chu Tian smiled as he took out the other short sleeve t-shirt he purchased yesterday and placed it on, “What’d you think?”

Li Sisi shook her head and pouted her mouth, “It’s suddenly not good. It’s better that you don’t wear anything, that looks the best.”

“Big sis Sisi, that’s enough. Stop teasing me,” said Chu Tian with a smile, “Should we leave together?”


At the same time!

Beijing. Ministry of State Security’s office building. Inside a conference room. Many people were already seated. Among them were those that are fat and those that are skinny. Practically every one of them was wearing glasses. One could tell from a glance that these people specialize in information technology.

Soon, the door to the conference room opened and a white-haired old man walked in. He possessed an upright build, a pair of sharp eyes and dignified features.

Seeing that old man, the people in the conference room all stood up.

The old man arrived at the seat in the center, “You all can sit back down.”

The people in the conference room only sat back down after the old man seated himself.

The old man swept his gaze across the conference room, “I’ve gathered you all here today to discuss a thorny subject. You all should know by now, we’ve successfully captured ‘Come Catch Granddaddy’ last night.”

“Normally, that is something worthy of celebration. But, the situation had changed. An individual even more thorny than that ‘Come Catch Granddaddy’ appeared.”

An individual even more thorny than that ‘Come Catch Granddaddy?’

Hearing those words, the crowd couldn’t help but look to one another. Then, one of them questioned, “Director, who is that thorny individual?”

The old man pressed a push button on the table. The giant monitor grew bright and an image appeared on it.

If Chu Tian saw that image, he would most definitely recognize it. After all, that was his username on the Hacker’s Forum.

A Handsome Guy Who’s Unwilling To Reveal His Identity?

The crowd glanced at one another again. Then, their eyes all turned back to the old man.

The old man said, “A Handsome Guy Who’s Unwilling To Reveal His Identity, nicknamed himself Shadow. In recent days, he appeared in our country’s largest computer hobbyist gathering forum, the Hacker’s Forum.”

“Before then, that man had never appeared before. Perhaps there are people among you all here that have taken note of him already. But, I believe the majority of the crowd here still haven’t taken note of him.”

“That man’s hacking abilities are extremely powerful. Furthermore, he is the one who tracked down ‘Come Catch Granddaddy.’”

“Originally, I was planning to recruit him into our Ministry of State Security. But, that man is an archetype hacker. He’s fond of freedom, keeps a low profile, doesn’t want to be controlled, is against being involved with the government and is fond of money.”

“But, none of that is important. What’s important is that the people I dispatched to investigate his identity managed to confirm one thing. That is, his hacking ability surpassed my anticipation. He is much more powerful than we expected. How powerful? He’s able to hack into both the China Construction Bank and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to erase all transfer records associated with his account. Without people knowing how he did it, he was able to swipe away all the money from others’ accounts. Most importantly, it is impossible to track him down.”

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15 thoughts on “I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 29

  1. “Without people knowing how he did it, he was able to swipe away all the money from others’ accounts.”

    He left out the part that it was the money they had already agreed to give him for services rendered and Shadow never took anything that didn’t belong to him.


    1. Well I would too. He is the MC of this novel so we know he only takes what is rightfully his but if it was irl and you had a hacker capable of hacking to major banks and “steal” money, that’s a major breach. He potentially could damage a country’s ability to operate normally, that’s really too much power in someone’s hands :0.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yep, but still..
        I hope they didn’t push too much.

        As the comments above said, he didn’t take what originally not his. If they annoyed him too much I’m afraid mc would snap and.. post a meme in the intelligence secret line or something 😂.

        And that’s actually one of the milder ones.

        Besides, the goverment may not trust him but they can cooperate with him. It’d be a win and win situation at least.

        Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Mc kita sangat mampu meretas bank manapun kalaupun dia mau diakan meretas bank mana saja sampai bersih
    Sehingga dia berpotensi merusak.
    Aku kagum dengan MC yang bisa meretas


  3. Is tracking him really such a big problem? Just ask all the banks for a list of multimillionaires, offer another job worth $1,234,567.89, then do a second census and see who’s bank account increased by that much. Alternatively, compare the next quarter’s bank accounts with last quarter’s accounts (which they should have filed in-house and sent a copy to the Chinese IRS) and see who suddenly gained a packet.
    Hacking can’t protect against paper trails. This is why the black market loves bitcoin so much.


    1. “offer another job worth $1,234,567.89”
      You’re assuming he’ll take the bait again.

      “compare the next quarter’s bank accounts with last quarter’s accounts”
      You’re assuming that all the money will be in a single account, and in exact number of 54.9m + 30m. Furthermore, you’re assuming his account is ‘trackable’ from the backend software. If I was him, I’d make sure that my account never shows up in any records, period.

      “This is why the black market loves bitcoin so much.”
      Bitcoin have ledger, they have countless pcs tracking records. Banks do not. You technically can hack into bitcoin, but then you’d have to hack into every ledger record kept since the transaction was made. Perhaps it might be possible for our MC but I doubt he’ll bother doing that.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “Among them were those that are fat and those that are skinny. Practically every one of them was wearing glasses. One could tell from a glance that these people specialize in information technology.”

    Just from this sentence I think the author doesn’t really know about IT world and the peoples related to it.


    1. Personally, I think it’s spot on lol. Either fat or skinny and mostly wearing glasses. Even google image gave me the same stereotypical appearance lol.

      And, tbf, what one considered as fat or skinny might not be what another considered as fat or skinny. What matters is that they wear glasses.


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