In case you all didn’t know, I took on a new job 2 weeks ago because I needed to pay for my mortgage after losing my income from translation. I waited several months and my savings has been running out.

It’s a warehouse job; it’s the only thing I can find with my warehouse experience back when I was still going to college. Unfortunately, trying to find jobs with my degree (B.S. Biomedical Engineer) is extremely difficult as they all wanted 3-5 years of experience for an entry level job.

It’s a bit better than minimum wage (getting paid 18 per hour). However, that’s half the daily income I made as a translator for the past 3 years. I now work 40 hours a week and still translate for Webnovel (in hopes of making money off that) and helping my wife with her newly established business. Our oldest is also doing remote learning for his kindergarten classes.

Unfortunately, that means that I do not have much time for my side project. I’m getting used to my new 8-5 work schedule so expect some chapters soon.

I’m actively seeking a new job with my degree too. If anyone have any connections in the Northwestern Chicagoland Area (Schaumburg), whether it have anything to do with my degree or not, hit me up. At this point, I just want a sit down job that will offer me time to translate during times of inactivity.

11 thoughts on “Update

  1. Take your time, sort everything out and then see if you have enough time. I want updates, but I am not so desperate to fault you for something that you can’t influence.
    So when you’re absolutely sure you have the time to translate then I will hope for a new chapter, but I don’t want it when it means that you’re overworking or neglecting your real life job and/or family.

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  2. Happy monthly check in!!!! How’s life so far. Hope it’s going well. I check in pretty much every day for an update, and today I noticed it’s been a month and decided to say something.(sorry if it seems I’m being pushy im not good with words) today I learned how to use a record player. how about you anything good happen. Big or small all things are welcome. It keeps us positive during these trying times!


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